Soft skills profile

The determination of the necessary soft skills of the employees in the culinary industry was the
main task of the participants in the series of work meetings held in the end of February 2018
under the project " Integrated Culinary Arts and Restaurant Sector Employment Solutions for a
Skilled and Inclusive Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Region", financed by the INTERREG VA
Romania-Bulgaria Program, Priority Axis 4; Investment priority: 1, Project code:, e-
MS code: ROBG-192. "Dobrudja Agricultural and Business School" association organized three
work meetings with representatives of the culinary and restaurant business from Romania and
Bulgaria on "Soft skills of the employees in the culinary and restaurant sector" in order to
define the basic five soft skills that are needed for the employed in the following professions -
chef, bartender / waiter, baker / confectioner and restaurateur. The participants were
acquainted with the essence of the personal skills, their role in the work process and how they
influence the outcome of the work. The soft skills theme has been very popular in recent years,
but the representatives of the culinary sector in the Dobrich-Constanta region were not
particularly familiar with it. Personal skills experts have explained what soft skills actually
represent and how they influence the workflow. A practical group work was conducted, in
which the participants had to determine which skills, beyond the professional ones, are
important for the culinary sector and in particular for their companies. Skill lists were also
divided into two groups - Bulgarian and Romanian, and it was compared what skills are the ones
with priorities on both sides of the border. As a result, more matches were deduced than
differences. During the discussions, the participants actively participated in the issue of the
quality of employees that would be most valuable and the actual state of the labour force. The
work meetings ended with completing a detailed questionnaire with soft skills for four main
professions in the culinary sector - chef, bartender / waiter, baker / confectioner,
restaurateur. For each occupation, 15 soft skills were defined and the respondent person had to
rank them in order of importance, with 1 being the most valuable skill for the profession. After
the meetings were completed, the questionnaires were processed and based on the results
obtained, this model of soft skills was compiled for the four professions in the culinary sector.