How to Find Mobile Employees in the RO-BG Cross Border Area

Labour mobility has different aspects. Transferring employees from one region to another is named geographical mobility. If the employees are transferred between different productions it is referred as production mobility. Professional mobility refers to inter-professional transfer. Labour market mobility continues to the moment it is necessary. This Quick Guide is focused on the geographical mobility and to the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region in particular. It is practically oriented and targeted to every potential employee in the Romania-Bulgaria cross-border region. It is developed within the framework of Activity 9 of “Integrated Culinary and Restaurant Sector Employment Solutions for a Skilled and Inclusive Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Region” (ICARUS) co-financed by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme. The project is implemented by Dobrudja Agrarian and Business School (DABS) Association -Dobrich, Bulgaria in partnership with Association “Choose Your Profession” - Center for Vocational Training (ATP), Constanta, Romania. The Quick Guide provides useful information to the employment seekers accepting the challenge to change their place of residence and country and start their new career across the border. The product is targeted not only to Bulgarian and Romanian citizen but to everyone seeking job within the European Union and considering Bulgaria and Romania attractive to develop and build their future. The labour mobility is a leading objective of the initiatives for main EU priorities implementation in the Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth “Europe 2020”.