Association `Dobrudja Agro & Business School` /DABS/

DABS is a private NGO training institution founded in 2004 by established research, education and business organizations. The association works in cooperation with education institutions to promote innovation and research in agribusiness and tourism and to encourage their practical application. DABS mission is to bridge education to sustainable regional development for the benefit of local communities and businesses.

Over the years, the Dobrudja Agro & Business School have actively participated and successfully implemented European projects under the “Romania – Bulgaria Cross-border Cooperation”, “Youth in Action” and “DG AGRI” programs.

Association “Choose Your Profession” - Center for Vocational Training (ATP)

ATP is a Romanian private NGO, licensed VET provider engaged in:

• organization and development of (re)qualification courses and granting of professional qualification certificates according to Romanian legislation;

• organization of professional initiation, retraining and specialization courses, in various occupations/ professions and granting of graduation certificates that confer validity, according to valid legislation;

• professional, high-school, secondary and distance education;

• employment mediation.

In the 18 years of its existence, the center has provided vocational training for more than 30,000 people in various professions and qualifications, especially in the service sector. ATP is a proven leader in providing vocational training in Constanta and an active participant in a number of projects under the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development.